Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome to Rumor

Thanks for stopping by!!! (Although no one's really reading as I just started this blog!!!) I'm in the process of opening my online boutique. I want to journalize the process of doing so which is why I've started this online blog. I thought about using my personal blog for this journey, but I'm gonna keep my journal just that: Personal! So thus www.rumorboutique.blogspot.com!!!

Yesterday, I found a really nice and clean blogger template that I have tasked someone with customizing and installing. I also made my first merchandise order. Now THAT was super exciting!!! And I also purchased sets of gift boxes. A few more supplies and merchandising and the virtual terminal and I will be set and ready to roll!!!

My ultimate goal is to own my own boutique (brick and mortar). Right now, I am in Oregon...for one more year. It doesn't make sense to open something here knowing I'm here temporarily. So the next best thing is to sell online! I'm sure I will continue to sell online once the move happen.

I will be posting the journey of opening my online boutique, (once I start selling) about the merchandise, specials and giveaways, tips and hints, the journey of opening the brick and mortar, and the same specials and tips.


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